Laboratory of

Experimental Research


Laboratory of Experimental Research

The laboratory was established in September 2021 as a long-cherished child of a physicist George Danilov with 30+ years in experimental physics.The major goal of the Laboratory is research in physics of mitogenetic radiation and morphogenetic fields - a controversial subject, which requires prudent approach and fine experimentation.

Scientific research requires money, and while the major research subject is in a freezer waiting for the better conditions to be revived, the Laboratory is open for those seeking assistance in experimentation design in a wide range of natural science applications.
There is no an experimental research laboratory without modern measuring tools, designed by physicists, which are pretty complicated and require special knowledge for efficient usage and maintenance. Many small research laboratories prefer avoid hiring a technical director, but need assistance with the scientific tools. LOER is here for you.
If you need some fresh idea of how to assemble and tune up an experimental setup, and find good and affordable measuring tools don't hesitate to call 360-515-7719 - discussion is free and welcome.

Besides, the Laboratory is open for side-projects in home applications, such as
Security camera systems,
Home theaters and
Smart Home.

While LOER is located in Boistfort WA, experimentation design assistance is offered through Western WA.

Home Application project service area: SW WA

Contact info:
Voice and short text: 360-515-7719;
text: georgedanil [at] protonmail [dot] com