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Home and Small Business Security Systems

Outdoor and indoor security cameras give you convenience of a good no-hassle vision of the surroundings 24/7 on a TV inside your home or your cell-phone. Whether it's a mean intruder, or an unexpected guest, or wild animals hunting for your pets, you are always informed, even staying in the bed at the nighttime. When you leave your home the security system can record all the events around your property and send you a signal of alarm on your cell-phone, if you wish.
Usually such systems include:
1. 1-2 LCD TV monitors;
2. 8-16CH DVR or NVR recorder and controller;
3. 4-16 color/night vision outdoor/indor cameras (wired are preferable due to more reliable work);
4. For outdoor applications several LED Infrared illumination Lamps, plus PIR motion sensors coupled with LED Flood lights illuminating the place, when a motion of an object is detected (must have in western WA due to the weather conditions).

The installation process usually takes about two-three weeks:
1. Free visit to discuss your needs;
2. Same or next day project design and cost estimation.
3. Two weeks for parts order and preparation;
4. One-five day installation and tuneup, (depending on the complexity of the project);
5. Half year warranty and free fix-up;
6. 30+ years experience with electronics ensures high quality of installation.

Modest installation charge make it quite affordable ($500-3.000 depending on your needs).
In general installation work costs come to:
$150-200/camera (depending on complexity of installation), plus
$250/monitor, plus (if needed) $125/piece illumination lights with a motion sensor, plus
Costs of equipment, which you wish to install.

Installation of Power Over Ethernet (POE) cameras with Network Video Recorder (NVR) corresponds to modern state of technology and gives the most reliable connections
Four cameras are usually good enough to satisfy needs of monitoring of the major corners of your property and giving you a panoramic view on a Monitor. If you are a small business or your property is large, you might need more cameras installed and an 8-16CH NVR will satisfy all you needs, you just chose the number of cameras.

Reputable make names, such as Lorex, or GW Security provide for better security and up to date communication technologies, but they are certainly more expensive

Home application service areas: SW WA.

Contact info:
Voice and text: 360-515-7719