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Home Theaters installation and tuneup

If you love watching movies and listening music, a good home Theater is a must have attribute for HiFi vision and sound.
While there is a wide range of TVs and Sound systems for almost any choice ready to set up, correct installation requires some knowledge of acoustic field distribution and certain wiring work, which fits your interior. Smart sound systems, which follow your moves in other rooms, is an option
We are here to help you.
The installation process usually takes about two-three weeks:
1. Free visit to discuss your needs;
2. Same or next day project and cost estimation.
3. One-two week part order;
4. One-five day installation and tuneup, (depending on the complexity of the project;
5. Half year warranty and free fix-up;
6. 30+ years experience with electronics ensures high quality of installation.

Home application service areas: SW WA.

Contact info:
Voice and text: 360-515-7719